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Tattooing since the fall of 2016, I started my career at Black Dahlia Tattoo Gallery in Willoughby, Ohio where I resided until March of 2023 when I became a co-owner of Eclipse Tattoo Studio in Eastlake, Ohio. My specialties are black and grey realism/surrealism and blackwork with a focus on dark, expressive portraiture. I've always loved things that were beautiful and weird and try to express that in my work.

I travel to tattoo a few times a year, and have attended conventions in Cleveland, New Orleans, and Eugene, OR, as well as guest spots at studios in Indianapolis and Seattle. I intend to explore more conventions and cities in the future!


Proud to have won awards for my work at several conventions, including for a collaboration tattoo (photo left) done at the New Orleans Villain Arts Convention with Jax Citriglia.

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