Pricing and Deposits

​Pricing: Total price for a project depends on the time it takes to complete.

Full Day appointments available for $800

​• Typical full day appointments will start at noon, go until seven pm, and usually end up being       about six hours of actual tattooing time after accounting for stenciling, breaks, etc. 

• Tips are not accepted for full day appointments. I know this is an unusual policy, if you'd like       to know my reasoning behind this it is explained at the bottom of this page. 

• Full day appointments are recommended for working on large projects such as sleeves, back       pieces, large leg tattoos, etc. as they are the most time efficient-I can get more work done in       one full day appointment than in two half day appointments typically.

Half Day appointments available for $400

• Typical half day appointments will take about four hours, and typically end up being about           three hours of actual tattooing time after accounting for stenciling, breaks, etc.

• Tips are also not accepted for half day appointments. The reasoning here is the same as for         full day appointments so if you're curious please read at the bottom of the page.

• Half day appointments are usually best for slightly smaller tattoos-depending on the style and     location this could be anything about six inches or smaller-or sometimes for finishing up             larger projects. 

Smaller appointments available at an hourly rate of $125 an hour

• Appointments at this hourly rate would be for small tattoos-anything that will take less than       about two hours-with a minimum price of $60.

• Tips are accepted for these appointments, though they are not expected or required!

Deposit Policy: All deposits are to be paid at least a month prior to the set appointment date

and go towards the price of the tattoo.

Standard deposit for full day appointments: $150

Standard deposit for half day appointments: $100

Standard deposit for smaller appointments: $50

Deposits are non-refundable and forfeit if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 

five days for full and half day appointments, or within three days for smaller appointments, or



if there is a no call-no show on the day of the appointment. Being more than half an hour late 

to the appointment without warning will count as a no call-no show as well.

This is because last minute cancellations typically end up with me not working at all for that

day, since it can be difficult to find people to fill spots so last minute. In addition, deposits can 

also be forfeit if you completely change the idea for the tattoo after I have already drawn the 

original idea. This doesn't mean small changes, but as an example, if you originally wanted

a lion on your arm, and then two days before the appointment, after the lion design was 

already done, you changed your mind and decided you wanted flowers on your leg, this would 

be a situation where the deposit could be forfeit to compensate for the time I would have spent

on that other design. If you are a bit unsure about what you want at the time of making the

appointment, that's totally fine, as I don't do any design work until the week prior to the 

appointment that typically gives people more than enough time to figure out what they want.

As long as we have a general concept, if we need to make some adjustments to that that's totally

fine as well, so this situation very, very rarely becomes an issue. 

Extenuating circumstances are evaluated on a case by case basis.

*Due to the global pandemic this deposit policy is temporarily a bit different. If you have to cancel or reschedule last minute due to unforeseen covid related reasons (ex. sudden job loss, getting sick, being exposed to someone who is sick and needing to quarantine) the deposit can be returned or held for a rescheduled appointment. I ask everyone still try to give me as much advance notice as possible, but I know with the nature of this situation things often happen very last minute and advance notice may not be possible. I understand the last thing people are probably thinking about if they suddenly contract covid is their tattoo appointment, but since this effects my livelihood it's very much appreciated when people keep me in mind and keep me updated on any potential situation.

*As mentioned above, I will not accept tips for full day or half day appointments. This is for a few reasons, but it's a bit hard for me to explain my feelings on it so please bare with me here.

 Tipping in general is done for two main reasons, the first being to make up for someone being underpaid (ex. servers at restaurants) or having a portion of their money go to someone else (ex. hair artists working in salons), and the second being to reward someone going above and beyond what is expected of them. In regards to the first reason; I can't speak for other tattoo artists, but the way I have set my rates for full and half day appointments already makes up for the portion of money that goes towards paying my booth rent, making tipping unnecessary for that reason. In regards to the second reason; I believe every artist should go "above and beyond" for every tattoo they do, no matter what. That should be a standard expectation, and is a standard I set for myself, meaning I view that as a regular part of my job, so my rates have been set to already reflect that, meaning I don't believe I should be tipped extra for it. To me, going above and beyond is just doing what I'm supposed to be doing anyway, so it feels wrong to me to be given an extra pat on the back just for that.

Lastly, this is also for simplicity and professionality purposes. I think it's easier on everyone involved to know exactly what to expect at the end of the day. Let's face it, tipping is awkward. No one is ever sure what the percentage should be and then they feel weird if they think they didn't leave enough and they stress and worry about it-at least if you're like me and have anxiety anyway. Not accepting tips at all completely gets rid of that, and makes the whole payment process simpler and less anxiety inducing for all involved. On the artist side of things, I know it was always awkward for me as well before I started doing things this way, trying to pick my words carefully as to not make anyone feel pressured, trying not to look at how much anyone tipped so they wouldn't feel weird-and frequently I found myself under charging people for the tattoo just because I didn't want to feel bad if they tipped me a large amount. So not accepting tips alleviates anxiety on my part as well. 

I will still accept tips on smaller tattoos done at my hourly rate, mostly because explaining this whole thing to every single person I did a tiny tattoo on would take longer than the actual tattoo and would drive everyone insane. In addition it's a lot less awkward to give/receive a twenty dollar tip on an eighty dollar tattoo than it is to try to figure out how much you should leave on an eight hundred dollar tattoo. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for understanding.

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