Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do cover-ups?

A: Occasionally, yes. I don't specialize in cover-ups, so I typically only take on projects where the old tattoo is very small or very faded. Larger, darker tattoos are trickier to cover, and typically the cover-ups turn out better when they're done by someone who specializes in them. I would always rather my clients have the best tattoo they can possibly get, even if it means I'm not the lucky artist who gets to do it.


Q: What kind of ink do you use/do you use vegan ink? 

A: I use all Eternal Ink and Fusion Ink. Both brands are completely organic and vegan friendly!

Q: When is the best time of year to get tattooed?

A: This can really depend on your lifestyle and the location of the tattoo on your body! For example it may be easier to heal an ankle or foot tattoo in the summer when you can wear sandals so you wouldn't have to worry about clothing rubbing against it like in the winter when it would be stuck in boots all the time. Conversely, summer is full of sun and possible exposure to pool, lake or ocean water that can be awful for the healing and longevity of your tattoo. So if it's a shoulder tattoo and you're prone to sunburn in the summer, it may be best to consider another location or wait until the fall.

Q: How much is it going to hurt?

A: Pain tolerance is different person to person, location to location, and even day to day! There are a few generally agreed upon spots that kind of suck-elbows and knees, ribcage, throat, etc.-but even these can vary based on the person. If you are worried about the pain, the best thing you can do is relax and make sure your body is in good condition! Always eat before a tattoo, get plenty of rest and don't drink alcohol the night before, and stay hydrated and you'll make things much easier on yourself! Tattoos of course do hurt a bit, but if they were really all that terrible no one would get them, so try not to worry. If you're still wary, here is a handy reference showing general pain levels in different areas of the body-but again, this is just a guideline and may be different for you!

Q: I found an amazing tattoo on pintrest and I want you to do the same thing on me!

A: While Pinterest and Google image searches are invaluable resources for finding ideas and reference pictures, it is generally considered impolite to ask an artist to do the exact same tattoo another artist designed. I do all my work custom, so even when working with a general idea I try to change little things so you will have a completely unique tattoo tailored to you! I can keep it generally similar to the original but make it my own so I'm not copying anyone. As an artist, I know how upset I would be if someone else copied a design I worked really hard on and made unique for a client, so I would hate to do it to someone else.  

This can be different for smaller pieces, however. There are really only so many ways to do a tiny infinity symbol or a heart the size of a penny, so for small, simple concepts like that it's usually okay to bring in a picture of another tattoo if it's exactly how you want it. With other artwork it can be different as well, like if you find a painting you love, if the artwork isn't done by a tattoo artist most of the time this is okay. I always encourage people to try to get permission from the original artist in these cases, but I understand that's not always possible. You wouldn't exactly be able to ask Vincent Van Gogh if it's okay for you to get Starry Night tattooed on your back for example. But there are some artists out there who, even though they don't tattoo, they may make money off of doing tattoo design commissions for people and so they might not want you using their work for free. Or sometimes they just don't want people getting their work tattooed, and that's okay too. It's important to respect an artist's answer when you ask if you can use their artwork, and if that was the case I would just let their artwork inspire me to create something similar but unique for you!