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Kitty - Currently I'm at my home shop, Eclipse Tattoo Studio in Eastlake, OH and my books are opening July 14th to take new projects for August and September!

When my books open, I do have limited availability, so unfortunately not all projects will be chosen. Priority goes to my available up for grabs designs (which can be found on my instagram) and projects that give me creative freedom in the styles and subject matters I specialize in.

If you'd like to see when I'll be in your area be sure to check the travel page to see where I'm headed! 


For anything not regarding a new appointment request please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

For scheduling new appointments fill out this form (when books are open) and tell me about your design. Once your request is responded to you'll be able to send over any relevant photos or reference pictures directly. 

Please allow up to 2-3 days for a response. 

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